Could Your Job Be Affecting Your Life Plans?

It’s an accepted fact that women live longer than men, but statistics from the Office for National Statistics have uncovered that different jobs can also affect people’s life expectancy.

They compared data from the mid-80s to 2007-2011. As most of us know, life expectancy has increased and the most common age of death for a man now is 85.6, and for a woman, 88.3 – an increase of 8.2 years for men and 3.8 years for women.

Occupation type

For both sexes, if you work in a higher managerial position or in a professional occupation, such as a doctor, lawyer or architect, those figures both increase by just over one year. If on the other hand you work in what is classed as a routine occupation, such as a lorry driver, bar staff or labourer, then you can shave off just over a year.

Life Plans

If you were hoping to one day receive a telegram from the Queen (or perhaps the King by then) congratulating you on your 100th birthday, it’s the same story. More men and women from the professional category jobs are likely to make their centenary than from the routine occupation. Men are more than 3 times more likely, whereas for women it’s not such a pronounced difference.

Life expectancy

Life expectancy across all the jobs has been increasing over the 30 years that were studied. This is obviously good news. However, the longer you live, the more risk you have of developing various illnesses. Nearly 60% of those aged 80 or over have a disability. The leading cause of disability, ahead of stroke, heart disease and some cancers, is dementia.

It’s not really realistic to think about changing your job to try to affect the statistics, but it is worth planning ahead.

Everyone should have a Will in place

Obviously, none of us can predict the future and although most lorry drivers will die age 84, there will be plenty who live on into their nineties, just as there will be doctors who die in their seventies. Regardless, everyone should have a Will in place, and one which is reviewed from time to time to reflect changing circumstances.


Given that the chances are increasing of developing an illness which might affect mental capacity, everyone should have a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) set up too.

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