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Safely store your important digital assets and ensure the right person receives them with ease.

The ELM Digital Assets Vault

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We take the drama out of protecting digital assets, but don’t just take our word for it...

What is a Digital Vault?

Writing a Will can protect your physical assets, such as your property, money and valuables – but what about your digital assets?

The ELM Digital Vault is a purpose-built cloud storage solution that automatically distributes your digital items to your intended recipients. You can store memorable photos, account passwords and meaningful documents so your loved ones can easily access the devices and accounts you want when you are no longer around.

Our digital asset vault is included within our storage packages or as a standalone add-on.

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What digital assets can I store in the ELM Digital Vault?

Care Instructions

Leave instructions about caring for your children, pets and businesses.

Logins and Passwords

Enables access to online accounts, assets and devices.

Photos and Videos

Preserve personal memories for your family and loved ones.

Personal Messages

Store personalised videos and messages for your loved ones.

Legal Documents

We will keep up-to-date copies of your Will, LPA or Trust documents for you to review at any time.

Digital Currencies

Ensure your loved ones can access any cryptocurrencies you may have.

How do my digital assets get delivered at the right time?

We use a strict process to ensure we don't release your digital assets incorrectly.



One of your digital executors lets us know of your passing using the app.



We attempt to contact you to check this claim and examine your last login time, devices used, and other activity data.

If we can't reach you, we ask all of your digital executors to confirm that you have passed away and a death certificate has been received.



Once we have confirmation, your digital assets are released to your intended recipients.

How do I set up my ELM Digital Vault?

Initial setup

We will invite you to set up an ELM Digital Vault to protect your digital assets when we create your Estate Planning documents.

Create a login

Once your vault has been created, you'll receive an invitation via email to create your login.

Add recipients

Add the details of the people you want to receive your digital assets.

Start uploading

Upload documents, create messages and assign them to your recipients. We will also upload copies of any documents we have prepared for you.


A digital asset is anything stored digitally that has a financial or sentimental value. These assets can be stored, accessed and transferred electronically.

Types of digital assets can include:

  • Photos
  • Documents
  • Videos
  • Books
  • Audio files
  • Websites
  • Logos
  • Email accounts
  • Social Media accounts
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Security tokens
  • Business details or assets

You likely have hundreds, if not thousands, of photos or videos stored across various devices and social media accounts. Ensuring your loved ones have easy access to those accounts can save them countless hours of frustration if they try to gain access on their own.

Digital asset storage is not only about preserving memories; it can also be used to safeguard online businesses, legal documents and cryptocurrencies.

You can access your vault here from your web browser. We also have an easy to use desktop application that you can download here.

Extremely secure. The ELM Digital Vault is built by BePrepared with an ASVS Level 3 build specification – primarily reserved for military and civil infrastructure. It holds both SOC2 and GDPR compliance certifications. All data is stored in the UK, encrypted three times using AES-256-GCM encryption keys on a user, business, and database level, and encrypted in transit using end-to-end TLS encryption. Our systems are monitored daily by Vanta to ensure continuous compliance.

You are the only person that can see everything in your vault and have complete control over who else can see the information. We can place documents within your vault but only see what you allow us to.

You can assign your digital assets to contacts who will be prompted to make a login. They will only be able to access the information you allow at the time you specify (immediately or after your passing).

Dropbox and other cloud platforms are designed to share information – that is their primary purpose. The ELM Digital Vault is designed to be secure. It ensures your crucial legal documents and digital assets are only released to your executors and beneficiaries when desired.

You can share your digital assets with your contact immediately or once you pass away.

Recipients will only receive assets that you have allocated to them. Executors act as backup and will receive anything that has not been allocated within the vault. This ensure your digital assets will always be taken care of.

Security is crucial to our digital vault, so we use your phone number for two-factor authentication (2FA). Whenever you log in to your vault, a code is sent to your phone number to verify it is you.

As a security measure, we require an extra layer of authentication whenever you access your vault from a new device, so you will receive an email to verify the login. Ad blockers, and some browsers, block our vault from identifying the device you are using and can trigger this extra step.

You do not need to disable your ad blocker, but you may be required to authenticate your device more often.

No. The vault is there to support your Will and provide a secure way of distributing your digital assets.

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