What Happens to a Will After Divorce?

Understanding the implications of divorce on Wills in England and Wales is crucial to ensure proper estate distribution and alignment with current intentions. Here’s an in-depth exploration of what happens to a Will after divorce, highlighting legal implications and the importance of timely updates.

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Legal Implications of Divorce

Post-Divorce Will Validity:

  • Wills created during marriage remain valid post-divorce but are subject to changes concerning ex-spouse provisions.

Example: If a Will designates the ex-spouse as a Beneficiary, those provisions are automatically revoked upon divorce unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Estate Distribution Post-Divorce

Effect on Bequests:

  • Divorce nullifies bequests and roles assigned to the ex-spouse in the Will.
  • Assets intended for the former spouse pass to subsequent Beneficiaries as specified in the Will.

Example: A legacy in a Will leaving a property to the ex-spouse would be revoked post-divorce, and the property might pass to children or other Beneficiaries listed in the Will.

Impact of Intestacy Rules:

  • Entire estate designated for the ex-spouse might follow the Rules of Intestacy if not updated post-divorce.
  • Intestacy rules might not align with the Testator’s intentions or modern family structures.

Example: Without updating a Will, an estate may pass to unintended Beneficiaries based on Intestacy laws, overlooking other intended Beneficiaries like grandchildren or siblings.

Urgency of Will Updates

Importance of Prompt Updates:

  • Immediate Will updates after divorce are vital to ensure the desired distribution of the estate.
  • Intestacy rules prioritise inheritance based on relatives, potentially disregarding the Testator’s preferences.

Example: Without a timely update, a divorced individual’s estate might unintentionally go to other relatives, according to the Rules of Intestacy.

Executorship Concerns Post-Divorce

Role of Executors:

  • If the ex-spouse was named as an Executor alongside others, the remaining Executors can proceed with the Will’s execution.
  • In cases where the ex-spouse was the sole Executor, the court appoints a trusted alternative Executor.

Example: If the ex-spouse was the sole Executor, the court may appoint a sibling or close friend of the Testator as the new Executor upon divorce.

Marital Status Changes and Wills

Impact of Separation and Remarriage:

  • Separation without legal divorce maintains the validity of the existing Will.
  • Failure to update the Will post-marriage could result in estate distribution as per Intestacy rules.

Example: If a separated individual doesn’t update their Will upon remarrying, their estate might be distributed based on the Rules of Intestacy, neglecting the new spouse or other intended Beneficiaries.

Revocation Upon Remarriage:

  • Existing Wills are typically revoked upon remarriage unless the new marriage is explicitly acknowledged.
  • Importance of updating the Will to reflect new marital circumstances.

Example: If a person remarries but doesn’t update their Will, the new spouse may be excluded from inheritance.

*For more examples highlighting the importance of reviewing a Will when changing marital status, visit an article on ‘Today’s Wills and Probate‘.

Importance of Updating Wills

Aligning Will with Marital Changes:

  • It is important to review Wills when changing marital circumstances.
  • Updating the Will post-divorce and after remarriage ensures legal compliance and accurate estate distribution.

Example: A divorced individual might want to include their children or new partner in the updated Will to reflect their current wishes accurately.

Seeking Legal Assistance

Guidance and Legal Counsel:

  • It is advisable to seek legal guidance for updating Wills post-divorce or after remarriage.
  • Legal assistance ensures the Will accurately reflects the Testator’s wishes and complies with legal requirements.

Example: Consulting with a professional Will and Probate practitioner helps navigate complex legal aspects and ensures the Will is updated accurately.

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What Happens to a Will After Divorce?

The understanding of how divorce impacts Wills in England and Wales highlights the significance of timely updates. Evaluating and adjusting Wills post-divorce or post-remarriage is crucial to honour the Testator’s wishes within the legal framework.

For further assistance or inquiries regarding Will updates, seeking legal counsel is highly recommended to safeguard and honour intentions within the law.

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