14th August 2019

How to deal with foreign assets left in a Will

More people than ever are leaving assets in foreign countries when they die, making administration of their estate more complex. We look at some of the main considerations. One of the first questions to be answered is which country was the permanent home or country of domicile of the deceased. If you are domiciled in […]

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8th August 2019

What to put in your Will

Writing a Will involves more than simply choosing who to give your money to. We look at what you should consider when making a Will. Your Will is the document that tells people what you would like to happen to your estate after your death. If you have young children, it can also ensure that […]

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31st July 2019

Can I draft my own Will?

It is perfectly legal to draw up your own Will, but unfortunately it is not an easy process. Errors can have far-reaching effects, resulting in family estrangements and lengthy and expensive legal battles. A Will has to be drafted and executed in a specific way in order to be legally valid. It can be difficult […]

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3rd July 2019

Big rise in contested estates attributed to DIY wills

A sharp rise in the number of contested Wills in the past year is caused by more and more people attempting to write their own Will. In the last year, the number of cases heard by the High Court went up from 227 in 2016 to 282 in 2017 and 368 in 2018. Drafting a […]

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22nd May 2019

Why even young people should think about making a Will

Making a Will is often something people don’t bother with until they are older or have children. But once you reach the age of 18, you should seriously consider writing your first Will. Although many young people don’t think about making a Will, it is a good idea to have one in place so that […]

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