11th December 2019

What does it mean when a Will is made under undue influence?

If someone exerts undue influence over another person so that they amend or make a Will in their favour, it can be legally challenged in court. We take a look at what undue influence is and how you can avoid your Will being challenged in this way. What is undue influence? In respect of a […]

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4th December 2019

Payment of bills relating to an empty house after death of the owner

After someone dies there are many administrative tasks to be carried out. It is important not to forget payment of outgoings in respect of any property they may have owned. When there is a death, some of the immediate concerns are funeral arrangements and notifying asset holders such as banks and insurance companies. More mundane […]

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27th November 2019

The charities that are receiving the most from gifts left in Wills

Leaving a gift to charity in your Will can reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax payable by your estate, as well as benefit your favourite good cause. In 2018, £3 billion was left to over 10,000 different charities in Wills. Smaller charities are increasingly popular, possibly following some high profile failures by bigger organisations. An […]

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20th November 2019

What happens to someone’s pension after their death?

Pensions are notoriously complex and different rules can apply to different pensions held by different companies. After someone’s death, the benefit of their pension may be payable to the person they nominated when the scheme was set up. Workplace and private pensions Sometimes a workplace or private pension scheme will provide a lump sum and/or […]

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13th November 2019

What happens when a homeowner with a mortgage dies

When someone who has a mortgage dies, it is important to notify the lender as soon as possible. If the property has been left to you in a Will, you should ask them about the options for taking on some or all of the mortgage if it cannot be repaid. After a death, notifications need […]

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