22nd May 2019

Why even young people should think about making a Will

Making a Will is often something people don’t bother with until they are older or have children. But once you reach the age of 18, you should seriously consider writing your first Will. Although many young people don’t think about making a Will, it is a good idea to have one in place so that […]

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15th May 2019

Making a Will before you go on holiday

While no-one really wants another task to do before they go away on holiday, it really is a good idea to make sure you have a valid Will in place before you travel. Taking a trip will always involve a small risk, and many people take out insurance just in case something happens. Think of […]

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8th May 2019

Leaving someone a life interest in your Will

When making a Will, it is possible to leave someone a life interest in your property or assets. It may be more prudent in certain circumstances to leave your spouse or partner a life interest in your assets rather than giving them outright ownership. In particular this can be advantageous if you want to make […]

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24th April 2019

Inheritance Tax rules on lifetime gifts

Giving gifts of cash or valuables before your death means that you can see your loved ones benefit from your generosity. But make sure you understand the Inheritance Tax situation before you give. Inheritance Tax rules are complex, particularly when it comes to working out what might be due on gifts given before death. Research […]

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17th April 2019

Making sure your pets are cared for after your death

There are an estimated 51 million pets in the UK, but only a small proportion of them are mentioned in their owner’s Will. In England and Wales, pets are considered to be the property of their owners and as such, can be left to someone in a Will. The RSPCA estimate that there are 12 […]

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