Bristol Animal Rescue Centre’s Sensory Garden for Dogs

At ELM Legal Services, we take pride in our long-standing commitment to supporting local causes that make a positive impact on our community. For the past two decades, we have been honoured to collaborate with the Bristol Animal Rescue Centre (BARC), an organisation dedicated to providing care and shelter to vulnerable animals. In our latest endeavour, we had the privilege of joining forces with BARC and the local community to contribute to the creation of a remarkable sensory garden for dogs. This project is a beautiful reflection of our shared commitment to animal welfare.

A photo of a happy looking Labrador dog, standing atop a colourful sensory tyre.

Transforming Lives through Sensory Stimulation

The recently unveiled sensory garden at the Bristol Animal Rescue Centre is a testament to the power of collaboration and compassion. Designed specifically for dogs, this haven offers an array of stimulating experiences, enhancing their overall well-being during their time at the centre. From a balance beam crafted from recycled bottles to dog-friendly plants like ferns, lavender, and chamomile for sensory exploration, every element of the garden has been thoughtfully crafted with the dogs’ needs in mind.

A happy looking Staffordshire Bull Terrier, jumping through a colourful sensory tyre.

Community Support and Dedication

The success of this project would not have been possible without the tremendous support of our local community. Last year, with generous support from the community and various contributors, a total of over £13,000 was raised to fund the construction of the sensory garden. The endeavour also brought together volunteers from across the city, highlighting the collective commitment to improving the lives of animals in need.

A photo of a plaque dedicated to ELM Legal Service's involvement in creating a sensory garden for dogs

A Legacy of Caring

Established in 1887, the Bristol Animal Rescue Centre has a rich history of compassion and care for the city’s pets and wildlife. As the largest local animal charity, they provide vital services, helping, healing, and finding forever homes for thousands of vulnerable animals each year. It is worth mentioning that while BARC is affiliated with the RSPCA, they receive no automatic funding from the organisation. Instead, they rely solely on the support of the local community to continue their invaluable work.

A photo of a happy looking dog, atop a colourful tyre that has been repurposed as a sensory object for dogs

Continuing the Journey

At ELM Legal Services, our partnership with BARC is an ongoing commitment. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to support their endeavours, including the sensory garden project, which reflects the values of compassion, community, and animal welfare. As we move forward, we are inspired to sustain our collaboration with BARC and explore further avenues for creating a positive impact together.

The sensory garden for dogs at the Bristol Animal Rescue Centre is a wonderful example of what can be achieved when we come together and prioritise the well-being of animals. It showcases the incredible impact we can make when we work collectively and remain dedicated to animal welfare.

Thank you!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the local community and volunteers for their support in creating this exceptional space. ELM Legal Services is honoured to be a part of this endeavour, and we reaffirm our dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of animals in our community. Together, we can create a brighter future for our furry friends and inspire others to join us on this journey of compassion and care.

A photo of the Director and Operational Manager of ELM Legal Services standing next to the plaque dedicated to the companies involvement in creating a sensory garden for rescued dogs.

How Can You Support the Bristol Animal Rescue Centre?

ELM Legal Services proudly supports Bristol Animal Rescue Centre by offering a free standard Will service to those who include a minimum legacy of £99 to the charity. Any amount is greatly appreciated and helps the centre care for animals in need. This charity relies on regular donations, fundraising, and legacies to continue their important work, and we believe it’s our duty to support them in the best way we can.

To learn more about Bristol Animal Rescue Centre, please visit their website. If you care about animal welfare and wish to support their vital work, ELM Legal Services is pleased to offer our standard Will service at no cost. Contact us to find out more.

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