Why Make A Will?

A Will sets out plans for when you are unable to make decisions while you’re still alive and after you die.

If you are asking the question “Why do I need to make a will?” then you may not be aware of the importance of this document for the future of you and your family.

If you die without a valid Will, this is called dying “intestate” meaning your assets will be distributed how the law states within the rules of intestacy. Your possessions may therefore be given to the wrong people and your loved ones may not be sufficiently provided for.

You might think your partner will automatically inherit all of your possessions when you’re no longer around, but this may not be the case in many circumstances. Only couples who are married or in a civil partnership at time of death will have part or all of their estate automatically given to the surviving spouse.

Children and close relatives may also have rights under the rules of intestacy, which vary depending on how they are related to you, as well as the value of your estate.

As well as managing your house, money and belongings, a Will can also set out what happens to your children or anyone who you provide care for. We can help you set up a legal guardianship agreement to allow your children to be looked after by someone you trust. Ensuring your family is protected and provided for is our priority.

There may be other people or charities who you would like to leave a legacy to. This could be something sentimental such as a piece of jewellery you’d like to give to a friend, or a sum of money you would like to be given to a charity that’s close to your heart. The considerations are endless, but we can cover all aspects of Estate Planning and help you have all the details in place within your Will.


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