Tax Planning

7th September 2020

Blended families and succession planning

More than 40% of marriages in the UK end in divorce, according to the Office for National Statistics. With many of those divorcees remarrying, ‘blended families’ – bringing together each parent, as well as children from previous relationships – are not uncommon. As this type of family structure has increased, so too have blended family […]

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7th September 2020

Are you a Homeowner? Concerned about Inheritance Tax?

One of the simplest pieces of advice I give to my homeowner clients, day in and day out, is about holding their properties as tenants in common. But what does this mean? This article aims to explain the legal terminology of tenants in common in plain English and how it could benefit you. How tenants […]

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18th August 2020

Benefits Of Leaving A Charity Legacy

Many people like to leave a gift to charity in their Will by way of a legacy which not only benefits the charity but also has tax benefits for the donor. When an estate is valued at greater at £325,000 or more it becomes liable for Inheritance Tax, which is charged at 40%. By leaving […]

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8th January 2020

Review your Inheritance Tax situation in the New Year

Inheritance Tax (IHT) can be a nasty surprise during the administration of a Will. New Year is the ideal time to check that you’ve done all you can to minimise the burden. Increasing property prices has had the effect of increasing the amount of Inheritance Tax many people are paying. There are ways of reducing […]

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12th June 2019

What is the transferable nil rate band in Inheritance Tax and how can you claim it?

When someone dies, the first £325,000 of their estate is exempt from Inheritance Tax (IHT). If they don’t use all of this allowance, it can be transferred to their spouse’s or civil partner’s estate in due course. This is known as the transferable nil rate band. This increases the exempt amount for the partner’s estate […]

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