Funeral Plans

Our Funeral plans make things easier for your family at a time that will be distressing for them.

Having a funeral plan is a secure and cost-effective way of making sure everything is planned and paid for in advance, all at today’s prices.

Our funeral plans offer some of the best value in the market.

We can ensure you have all the necessary arrangements in place, including:

  • Choosing a funeral director
  • Costs being accounted for
  • Having specified wishes carried out

We can take the stress out of making detailed arrangements and can take care of things you would rather not leave up to your loved ones to manage.

Making your funeral plans

Our services are divided into a variety of plan options that match your own budget and preferences.

You then have the freedom to add to your plan as you see fit, to ensure our funeral planning services are catered for you.

With changing times may come changing wishes – our plans allow you to come back and alter or add to any arrangements you have made, at no extra charge.

funeral plans options table

Avoid rising funeral costs

It’s highly recommended to put funeral plans in place at the earliest opportunity to financially make the most of current prices.

Back in 2004, the average cost of a funeral within the UK was around £1,920. However, by 2016 (Royal London 2016) this cost had risen to £3,675 (Royal London 2016) – an increase of more than 50% in just over a decade.

If this trend continues, the average cost of a funeral in 2030 will be over £5,500.

Let your family have the reassurance that your wishes are being carried out, with no financial burdens.

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