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To ensure your home, possessions and any dependants are taken care of after you’ve gone, a valid Will needs to be written to set out your wishes and requirements.

Here at E.L.M our professional Will Writing service allows you to decide how to best manage your estate and make sure your children and those who rely on you will be looked after when you’re no longer around.

If you don’t make a Will or if it’s not done correctly, the law decides who gets what from your estate. Protect your belongings and loved ones by speaking to our team, who have extensive knowledge within the Wills and Probate field.

will writing

Our legal expertise is drawn from the vast experience of our dedicated Will Writing team. We pride ourselves on the personalised support we offer to you and your family during each step of the Will Writing and Estate Administration processes.

With a whole host of complex family structures in today’s society, the rights of family members are often unknown. For example, did you know that if you aren’t married or in a civil partnership that your partner will not automatically inherit?

There is a range of Wills we can draft for you and our team can advise on what type of Will is best for you.

Standard single or pair of mirrored wills £125.00

Single Wills – distribute the estate and state wishes of an individual.

Joint Wills – distribute the estate and state wishes of a couple, who are leaving their estate to each other.

Living Wills – state wishes of an individual who is alive, and has lost mental capacity or is unable to make decisions.

Mirror/Reciprocal Wills – two almost identical Wills of a couple that distribute the estate in the same way as each other, but may have slightly varied wishes for each funeral.

Mutual Wills – two Wills of a couple that leave the estate to the surviving partner, who will then provide for children.

For more information on how making a Will can protect your loved ones and help prevent any disputes or added stress, please download our guidance documents.

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You can also watch our short videos about the ‘Do’s and Don’ts of Signing and Witnessing a Will‘ and ‘Making a Will – the role of an Executor‘.

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