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Life is constantly subject to change, giving away little indication of where it’s going to take you from one day to the next. As difficult as it is to predict the future, one way to help secure yours is to check your will.

Wills are there to provide the most accurate reflection of your final wishes. Naturally then, they should be updated each time something changes which could affect those wishes. Neglecting to do this may mean loved ones are neglected in your will.

A recent study indicated that out of those who possessed a will, over half (56%) made their will at least six years ago. Just under a third (31%) had written their will over a decade ago.

Situations change on a day to day basis, so when it comes to a period of ten years, it is almost certain that circumstances have altered in some way. Like anything else in life, wills require maintenance to be fit for purpose.

Every now and then, it’s good to make sure your will says what you want it to, so you can check and update it if necessary. The Government recommend this is done every five years, but if you’ve recently had children or grandchildren, gotten married or gotten divorced, now may be a good time to reassess your will so it takes these changes into account.

Small changes can be made using a codicil, whereas it may be more efficient for a new will to be written if more significant changes need to be made.

As well as providing you with peace of mind, a will review need not be difficult with the help of E.L.M Legal Services.

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