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5th May 2017

Changes To Probate and OPG Fees

Despite a lot of opposition, probate fees are due to rise next month. At the moment they are a flat fee of £155 (if applied for via a solicitor) or £215 (if applied for directly). Estates of less than £50,000 will become exempt from paying a fee. Currently the threshold for exemption is just £5,000. […]

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28th April 2017

Selling A Probate Property

Having to sell the home of a loved one, especially if it’s somewhere you have happy memories, can be poignant. Shelley Byrne, Probate Team Manager of E.L.M Legal Services shares a few pointers on how to make the process less painful… The lion’s share of a person’s estate is normally their home, but at a time when […]

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21st April 2017

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) – Planning for the Unexpected

Dementia is a growing problem in the UK. According to the Alzheimer’s Society, there are currently 850,000 people with dementia, and that number is set to reach one million by 2025. At some point, many people with dementia will reach the stage where they are unable to make decisions for themselves. As a result, it […]

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14th April 2017

The Pitfall Of Gifting Assets In Your Will

It’s no secret that there is a care crisis in the UK. In order to deliver social care, the Government is being forced to consider increasing council tax to help cover the costs. However, the cost facing the individual, should they require care, could be very high too. If you have savings and assets worth […]

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7th April 2017

‘Til Death Do You Part?

Around a third of parents are unwilling to leave an inheritance to their children or provide them with financial aid, as they are concerned that divorce may mean that money leaves the family. This is according to research from Investec Investment & Wealth, which found that 14% of parents had little or no confidence that […]

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