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23rd June 2017

3 Mistakes That Make A Will Invalid

What are the common mistakes that you must avoid in order to make a valid Will? Signing the Will It is a requirement that you sign your Will and this has to be done in front of witnesses. You can even get someone to sign the Will on your behalf, so long as you are in the room and it’s signed at your direction. […]

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16th June 2017

Choosing Your Attorney For A Lasting Power of Attorney

In an ideal world, the person (or persons) you appoint as your attorney would be a trusted family member or friend. That said, being an attorney is a very important and responsible position. A health and welfare attorney may be making decisions about where you live, what you eat or a treatment plan for illness. A property […]

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9th June 2017

What If There Is A “Death Tax” Introduced?

Before the snap General Election, the Government was planning to introduce a new fee structure for applications for Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration (for when someone dies intestate). The new fees would have taken effect last month (May 2017), but the election has put these changes on hold. When somebody dies, the executors […]

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2nd June 2017

Selling A Property In Probate – Online vs High Street

Often when someone is left a property by a deceased relative, they will want to sell it quickly. This may be for emotional reasons, but there are also financial concerns to take into account too – maintenance costs can quickly mount up. Given these difficult circumstances, what do you need to consider when selling a […]

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26th May 2017

How Can Trusts Help With Inheritance Tax Burdens?

There are few taxes more unpopular than inheritance tax. A poll by the financial website, loveMONEY last year found that an incredible 90% of Brits believe it is unfair. However, there are a number of perfectly legitimate ways to reduce the amount of tax your estate will have to pay. One of those is making […]

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