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19th March 2020

What to do if an Executor appointed in a Will dies

When making a Will, you need to choose who to act on your behalf in the administration of your estate. This person is known as your Executor and they will be responsible for collecting in and valuing your assets, calculating and paying any tax liabilities, selling or transferring your assets, preparing estate accounts and distributing […]

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18th March 2020

ELM Legal Services Recognised In The Parliamentary Review

ELM Legal, Will Writing firm based in Bristol, have recently been recognised in the Parliamentary Review which highlights the best practice of organisations across the private and public sectors. The Parliamentary Review shares some of the most exciting and forward-thinking work that has occurred in the country over the last year, and we are proud […]

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11th March 2020

Can you cut your spouse out of your Will?

While you have the right to leave your money and possessions to whoever you choose, there is a possibility that some close family members could challenge your Will after your death if they have been left out. The right of testamentary freedom means that you are entitled to include or exclude anyone when writing your […]

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4th March 2020

Appointing a Trustee in your Will

If you leave part of your estate in trust to someone when you die, you will need to appoint a Trustee in your Will. If you want someone to benefit from your money, property or other assets after your death, but you do not want them to have control or ownership themselves, then a Trustee […]

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25th February 2020

When the joint owner of a property dies, does the property pass to the survivor?

If you own a property jointly with someone else, you may automatically become the sole owner when they die, depending upon the way in which the property is held. If you live in a home which you own jointly with someone else, it is important to understand the type of ownership you have. This is […]

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