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9th January 2019

The different uses of trusts within Wills

Using your Will to set up a trust allows you to set out exactly who you want to benefit from your assets and protect your money from being spent where you wouldn’t want. When leaving money or property in a Will, there is sometimes a risk that it may not end up where you meant […]

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2nd January 2019

How will the “stealth death tax” impact charities?

Charities are worried about the impact the new “stealth tax” could have on legacy giving. The Government is facing condemnation after its plans to hike the cost of applying for probate were revealed. Under the proposals, some grieving relatives would need to pay death taxes of up to £6,000 to secure legal control over a […]

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19th December 2018

More People Writing Wills In The UK

While there has long been concern about the lack of Wills in the UK, it looks like the tide has turned. Today, the number of people making an up-to-date Will is increasing at a considerable rate. According to ‘The Will writing industry in 2018’ report, 45% of Great Britain now has a Will, up from […]

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5th December 2018

What Happens To Your Pension If You Get Divorced?

The breakdown of a relationship is never easy.  It is especially vital that you don’t forget about the long-term financial consequences when dividing marital assets and finances. When you are going through a divorce, the Court might decide that your ex-partner is entitled to a share of your pension. Particularly if: They are not as […]

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28th November 2018

Selling a home when someone has died

When a person dies, if they owned property in their sole name this will need to be transferred to a beneficiary or sold as part of Probate. Here are some things to consider if the home needs to be sold. Applying for a Grant of Probate Probate is the legal process for dealing with the […]

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